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~Accountant, Controller, Director of Finance, Tax Associate, CFO, Forms Designer… ~

Like so many, I lost my home during the Great Recession (after carrying myself for a year without work – overly prepared, or so I thought).

The good news – my family was in a position to invite me here to Nevada while I tried to recover.  The bad news, things have also changed for them and I am now faced with moving on again, to ???

While I would very much like to get back to ‘normal’, to get back to work with a livable income and my own residence, the current job market continues to be a challenge.

I believe my skills and experience transfer nicely to areas outside of accounting, if need be, and I am also highly proficient in Microsoft Excel and love to work with it as well as financial software packages.

I have worked as an accountant in the commercial Real Estate (both equity and construction), Bio-Science manufacturing / costing, national Newspaper and national Broadcasting industries.

At this time, I am interested in regular or temporary, part-time or full-time work, projects, audit preparation, reconciliations, general ledger setup, or whatever is needed.

Additionally, I could also be very interested in working for room and board, and a smaller salary, say a small hotel suite.  (This would be ideal, in fact.)

Please consider my skills and experience then contact me if you should have use for my services or know someone who does.

For a solid work ethic and an excellent work product, look no further.

Thank you Nevada!