You know, I’m certainly no stranger to hard work, long hours, all-nighters and I’m sure many of you can relate as well, but yesterday I felt like FloBot.

Approximately 3 to 4 hours of sleep across two days and very little to eat catches up with you in a way I’ve never known before and I thought of FloBot.  Heck, I thought I was FloBot.

You have probably seen Flo, the insurance agent  on the Progressive insurance commercials.  Well one day FloBot is added to the staff and is doing a great job.  So Flo walks over, gives her a little hug and accidentally, on purpose, unplugs her.  FloBot without warning, of course, just stops in her tracks.

That’s just how I felt yesterday.   I was in the middle of things.  I wanted to accomplish things.  I was thinking, I was doing, I was writing I was fine then suddenly I’d realize my eyes were closed. ????  When did that happen, I was in the middle of a thought, a sip, a turn, a pen stroke.  What the?!?  Just like FloBot I just stopped.  Weird.

Thank goodness, I was able to get a little sleep last night.  Who knew sleep was sooo  good!  Well, I certainly have a new-found appreciation.

Thank you.

See FloBot here:  http://www.progressive.com/commercials/flobot.aspx

(not affiliated with Progressive Insurance, Flo, or FloBot in any capacity.)

thanks for listening ~ xxxx