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Although, my situation continues to be quite precarious, I’m still balanced on a pin head you might say, many, many people have shown me various acts of kindness. Some small, some not so small but all with significant impact on my survival through this time.

While I’d like to thank you all by name and/or location, I know that is not the best course.   So I will take this time to just say Thank You and to let you know your help has not gone unnoticed.

Additionally, I realize there are some that I’m not aware of, I don’t know your names or where you are but I’ve experienced the benefit(s) of your kindness, none-the-less.  I just want you to know that I’m aware and grateful.

Thank you all.

And with all that goodness, the yin and yang of it (I suppose it must be) there are still some hecklers – go figure!


This experience, because I am out and about the community so much, has afforded me an opportunity to get to know the community in a way that would probably have otherwise taken a lot longer. I get to see the four-legged kids on their play dates in the early morning and how excited they get to see all their friends. The correlation with children is really quite astonishing. I see the dads out with their little ones. Who said dads aren’t plugged in? Of course, the mommies are everywhere, working nonstop all day long. Where aren’t they? Go Moms!

Yesterday, I got to make a new friend of an adorable 4-year-old. We negotiated the swap of his cool sunglasses from him to me. Not putting anything over on him, he promptly pointed out that I already had sunglasses atop my head. I tried telling him they no longer worked and that I would look so good with his but beautifully bright-eyed, sharp, & full of bubbly personality, he wasn’t going for it and came to an astute conclusion which he shared with me… I was very silly.  Yes, that was the issue, I was quite a silly one and he needed to keep an eye on those cool glasses of his. What a treat to chat with him. I thought, just how you want to see a four-year old, happy, comfortable in his on skin, without a care in the world. Good job Mom!

It is also a treat to see the students in their study sessions, late night, all night, afternoons, the future doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, the future of America.  Also, the writers, officers, delivery folks, security cyclist and the staff of these establishments who make you feel like you are always welcome to be in their house, to name a few.  Very Cool.

And did I say, there are usually cool tunes playing in the background, everywhere. And for when they aren’t so cool, bring your head phones and plug-in to your phone, iPod,  laptop, etc.

(Side note:  Get a library card and download three (3) tunes a week for free.)

Overall it’s a very friendly and comfortable community to be in and if you don’t currently have reason to be out late, now and again, or in the middle of the night, schedule an outing.  Take a nap and plan a late night excursion to one of the all night cafes and sit outside.  That’s when the weather here is truly enviable.  It is just perfect most of the time and many are out enjoying it.

All we really need are outlets on the patios!

On your way home, stop at a Station Casino and have breakfast for $1.99 between 2 and 6 AM!  Ridiculous!

Now, if I only had a job.  Umm.

Unfortunately, over the last week and a half, I also had the misfortune to witness some disturbing teen behavior.  I know, I know, teens, that’s what they do, display disturbing behavior, so let me tell you about it and see what you think.    In this case it wasn’t so much what they were doing, I know they tend to like attention and may go to extremes to get it at times.  My concern was  with the conversation topic, which they were happy to discuss loudly and crudely, and why it would be in there heads, at all.  I agree the loud and crude was mostly for attention and shock value.

So, here’s what happened, on the second to last occasion, I’m at a fast food restaurant chain, and a small group of young male teens, very possibly preteens sit at a table very near where I was seated.  Once seated they proceeded to loudly discuss their exclusively male body parts and sodomy (no, that’s not a typo).  They had an in depth dialogue, as to how much money it would take for each of them, as straight young men, to agree to engage in such an act.  Additionally, there was discussion about posting the act to the internet. Apparently posting the act to the internet was a part of the scenario being considered.

There was a brief discussion about a particular female they referred to as a sxxx but they primarily kept the conversation focused there.  Once I moved (3 trips) to a different table on the other side of the restaurant they seemed to quiet a bit and maybe even changed the topic before they left.

Next occasion a few days later, same restaurant chain, different location.  This time there is a young woman with a very young group of  male teens, same topic.

These reminded me that I had experienced a few similar incidents in my home state before I arrived here.  Although, I don’t recall them being quite so young.  So I’m wondering WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?  Is this really what our children are thinking about these days. I so hope not.  One of these conversations with children this young is disturbing enough, a trend of these, scary and worrisome, to say the least.

That aside, I’ve had great conversations with the youth of this community who are cycling in parks playing tennis and volleyball, going to school and working in the community.  All impressive and positive young people.

(Not affiliated with Station Casinos in any capacity)

Thanks for reading ~ XXXX